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    We have a practice schedule as well as planned team participation trap tournaments through June 1st! We plan to add skeet and clays competition info as we get it, as well as trapshooting elsewhere, but we wanted to get this to

    Saturday morning practices — Arrive by 8:30 for shooting 9-12.
    Voluntary team registered shooting (cost $27) will start at 11 each practice
    Saturday. We really would love for the shooters to get their required 1000 singles, 1000 handicap, and 500 doubles targets registered to avoid penalty class competitive shooting. This is for ATA competition, so the coaches will
    let you know when you need to get started with this!

    Cost for youth pink practice tickets for each round of 25 is as follows:
    trap $4
    skeet $5 (Our cost increased effective October 1st)
    5-stand $6
    Tickets may be purchased from Coaches Owens, Vizzi, and Godez.


    May 3rd and 17th, June 7th and 21st.

    May 31, 2014 SCTP State Shoot (Youth Trap and Skeet), Team Squads.

    Coaches will let you know if the shooters are ready for tournament competition.
    It is great to get started competing early on, especially when shooting with a team squad — familiarity and comfort for later competition are a good thing!
    There are many more trap tournaments at Silver Dollar during the winter season, but I have only listed the ones that we are trying to have a team squad.
    Tournaments have entry fees (which I will email as I send updates), but the
    FTA Shoots are drastically reduced for youth (daily fees of around $5-6).
    Please go to the Silver Dollar site http://www.silverdollartrap.com for more information about other shoots and much more.

    If anyone would like to take on updating the Tampa Bay Clay section of the Silver Dollar Site from my regular emails, PLEASE let Coach Owens or me know.
    We really need someone to do this, and I just do not have the time to add another responsibility to my team obligations. If everyone could do just a little, it would be great for everyone.

    Hope this info helps. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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